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Membrane Heat Sink Project


Thermal management is the current bottleneck in the advancement of high-power integrated circuits (ICs), and phase change heat sinks are a promising solution. With a unique structural configuration consisting of a membrane positioned above the heater surface, membrane-based heat sinks (MHS) have thus far attained heat fluxes of up to 2 kW/cm2 and HTC of up to 1.8 MW/m2K using water as the working fluid. We are currently working on developing these heat sinks for data center cooling.

Membrane Heat Sink

Project Goals

1. Efficiency Enhancement

  • Investigate the efficiency gains offered by membrane-based heat sinks over traditional air cooling methods.
  • Evaluate the cooling performance under various workloads and operating conditions.

2. Environmental Impact

  • Assess the environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption and data center carbon footprints.

3. Practical Implementation

  • Develop practical implementation guidelines for integrating membrane heat sinks into existing data center infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with industry experts to ensure real-world feasibility.

Research and Development

Our team is actively engaged in research and development to drive this project forward. We are conducting experiments, analyzing data, and fine-tuning membrane heat sink designs for optimal performance.

Get Involved

We believe in open collaboration and welcome contributions from fellow enthusiasts, engineers, and researchers. If you’re interested in joining the Membrane Heat Sink Project, feel free to reach out!

How to Contribute

  1. Code Contributions: Help develop and optimize the membrane heat sink technology.
  2. Testing and Feedback: Participate in our testing programs and provide valuable feedback.
  3. Spread the Word: Share our project with your network to raise awareness about energy-efficient data center cooling.

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